Kiss the Breath of Bonbon Angels

Kiss the breath of bonbon angels, taste the splendour of what intent enables

Feel the tickle of many keen fingers, move with the tension while it still lingers

Legs intertwined bring the throbbing into focus, teasing is a pleasure like love unspoken

Skins uncovered roar from the perspiration, cool eye contact unlocks the imagination

Three beating hearts pulsing through one vein, freedom of art knows no shame

A mouthful of nipple a handful of breast, an enchantment of la femme delight at it’s best

Blowing on the hardness moist it stirs, echoes from the crevasse tickle as it purrs

Closely shaved hairs coarse brazenly across the smooth, complete bodily expression sets morals loose

An earthly taste comes with this exquisite sexual buffet, mouthfuls of delight and nothing to say

No words need be spoken when at play, meaning is shared through this vigorous display

Each movement thrice felt intensifies the occasion, the complexities of the unconscious have no patience

In up down out there is no escape from the now, the charming hurt of laughter becoming howls

The scratching of an aching that badly craves, worse than the joviality of the depraved

Insanity without measure is happiness explored, cavernous chasms opened like never before

The passions of dark love the succulent glory, the enchanting unfolding of an untold story

Fresh naked bodies riddled with secrets, nothing will stop until we find the deepest…


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