People Eaters

Docile Memories
in an unassuming world, Living the life of those untold

Visions of
mastery wisdom unlearned, Glimpses of jagged battle worn souls

Tales of the
fallen tests of glory, Moments unkind at best are gory

Nights spent
poorly devastate destinies, Hurt felt sorely invigorates Memories.


 Sounds from wombs travel in liquid silence, Heard
by none the meaning is clear

Nascent findings
unregistered cerebral mileage, Immaculate tidings sins appear

Faith of the
damned remorse of the blessed, Repent for the sake of the comatose message

Naked without
dressing falling from the clouds, Hoping confessions have no Sounds.


Searching Merchants
lost in turbulent seas, Oblivious to heights of the natural order

Mysteriously dangerous
danger is a mystery, Who knows what lies across the border?

A truth so evil
it reads like a face, Or a lie so lovely it leaves a saccharine taste

Brimming base
desires unwind like serpents, Fake dreams sold by decadent Merchants.


The macabre Details
on tombstones encrypted, Tell nothing of a living man’s delights

Endlessly sought
perversions are shifted, The re-embodiment of incalculable insights

Pave the way for
the sorrows of ghosts, The foes of the merry cannot boast

At most the fabric of humour remains, The sincerity lost within the fundamental Details.


The price of a
Lesson is paid in bone and flesh, Forget your change when you don’t own time

Coming or going
you get what you get, Welcome to the now what’s yours is mine

Demand with no
supply is a black market woe, But only if you learn how to let go

The ears on the
wall have only one question, Have you learned your worldly Lesson?


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