A Double Edged Steel Blade

The heat creates
visions, pieces of a phantom reality

Dancing with
the music that only they can hear,

Seen with eyes that pierce through darkness, uneven
and thick

One’s heart supplying the other’s veins souls
so near,

Confessions on the breath, secrets kiss the

A world quite the same would have no name either one can say,

Skin on
skin the bonfire burns, from deep within

An awful pleasantness
like being tickled by feathers from far away,

There’s no escape where
love and desire play,

Warring personalities and
decisions not bothered with
in the least,

The now is
a perfect hiding place, watch the subconscious hunger

Stalking its
own being every moment
mirroring the colourful beast,

She with
the icy demeanour and black lips of a goddess,

He with a wolfish savvy tinged with the charm of a nightingale,

Together they were a magnetic impossibility, impossibly free

Yet never
together making their story an even more
delightful tale,

She cried to be touched he begged to be saved, given
to absurdities

Falling asleep
brought them closer like predator
stalking prey,

A flap of wings in the suspended melodrama, it could
be a chance

Who is who
when shadows fall apart putting fears on

 A carnival of whispers
echo from the walls, they listen too

A menacing surrealism at the edges of perception unravelling,

They give in to a certainty calling from the madness, its true

Their giggling childhoods like leaves in the wind travelling,

Floating through heat waves hearing the music, it’s real

Becoming the
visions exploring each other’s ghosts past and present

The most to
be gained is the revealing of self, whatever it may be

The reality
the dream and the future they take as a blessing…


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