The Death of a Black Rose

Whispering Shivers Tickle the Spine of Life

like Shimmering Rivers that Trickle Out of Sight,

The Might
of the Tremors is Felt in Distant Lands

the Raving Murmurs of Gods with Tears of Sand,

A Gigantic
Hand on a Shoulder couldn’t Steal Misery Away

Not when the Loss of a Black Rose is the Cost of
Each Passing Day,

Finding a
Way through Waterfalls of Crystal Clear Waters

on the Planet where Comfort has no Borders,

Tortures the Body Endures While Donning Brave Armour

Encouraged to Live Life and Die with Vain Honour,

To Take Each Trauma with a Toothless Smile

Give Each Hurt Cause by Remembering it for a While,

Who can Find Fault in the Perfect Day of Searing

Make the Mind Jolt In the Perfect Night of Dreaming Sublime?

the Line Ignoring Both Sides with Foolish Agility

Vanishes Each Dying Second With a Deliberate and Fluid Ability,

During Dark Nights When Fears Abound in Perpetual Flux of Uncertainty

The Flickering Memories of The Black Rose Rain
like Ashes from a Bonfire of a Life Lived Fervently,

With an
Aura of a Colossus Towering Over Kingdoms of Strange Beings

Brawny Roots That Descended Straight to the very Core of the Earth’s Feelings,

She was a
Doorway to an Ancestry that Defined the Finer Things

Captivating Force Undeterred by the Lies Others Think,

Her Shadowy Velvet Petals Absorbed the Pains
Others Dreamed

Veins Thick with the Venomous Ink Bulging until they Gleamed,

so it was Written: The Succulent Poison the very same Blessing

Death of The Black Rose Our Subconscious Confession…



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