The Rain

What but a kind word in a moment can

To a confession not there but said
like I’m not scared?

What, if not chance, can make
uncertainty so fair?

So readily open it’s hard to

Is it not through dialogue that I am
most exposed?

Even though the perfect sense I make
is culturally clothed?

Am I not what I speak because I’m
definitely not what I’m told?

Just an original idea cast from a
great celestial mould,

Like rain descended from above, I

Translucent and well meaning I cover

Spreading the will to live, fuelling
the impetus for imaging

Looking for idle minds definitely
worth tampering…


2 responses to “The Rain

  1. Strangely enough when I started writing it I intended it to be longer as I felt I had a lot of words to share but then I sensed them running out as I wrote. In the end I liked the fact that it was brief…like a passing storm…

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