Tell me today how you feel about

Reach into the chasm of poignant

Show me your wellness through what
you say

Teach me escapism that is
expressively freeing,

Help me learn the arts of the heart

Give me wisdom so I may catch forty

Make me see that all is not lost

Compel my subconscious to purify what it thinks…

Tell me a story from the world you

Reach into the culture of
befriending strangers,

Show me how to count whatever I owe

Teach me how to thrive on the risk
of danger,

Help me become a human without any

Give me something to evenly slow
down time,

Make me see that all is not bad

Compel my memories to stay oddly in

Tell me tomorrow what you think
about today

Reach into the un-happened hoping
for the best,

Show me promise especially when I
don’t pray

Teach me faith before I lay down
for my undying rest,

Help me to show myself as I am

Give me the courage to lead a
blameless army,

Make me see that all is not damned

Compel my higher senses to focus

Tell me something about your nature

Reach into the truth you shroud in

Show me how I can become even

Teach me about our likeness that’s
blinding in its starkness,

Help me see what you don’t see

Give me the will to be that which I
am not

Make me see that life is lovely

Compel my mind to forget what is



7 responses to “Stranger

  1. I do!

    Your poetry always tends to put a smile on my face and inspires me to write, still ranking top of my charts “O”…

    Your Muse 😉

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