Street Kid Love

“There are
different kinds of love, not only between family, friends and lovers but also
between different lovers as well. Love should never be compared but the glaring
truth is that it often is, unfortunately and unnecessarily. Just because one
great love is different from another, it doesn’t mean it is any greater or any
less than the other.”

This past weekend was one that I spent mostly
alone with my thoughts and feelings confronting, facing and even dodging some
of the things of my turbulent inner world. One of the things I found myself rather
reluctantly delving into was the subject of love, I mean how could I not, when
love seems to be the all encompassing theme of all things. I tend to find
myself thinking about love when I am alone but not in the way I used to as a
lonely teenage boy wondering when the Fairy Godmother would appear to give me a
dress of crystals and diamonds and high-heeled glass slippers – although in my
case the Fairy Godmother would bring me a slim fitting white Hugo Boss suit
with matching shoes. These days when I am alone and thinking about love it is
with much realised maturity, instead of longing, and I am able to pick prudently
through my experiences, memories and unfulfilled desires.

One of the things I found myself touching on
this past weekend was the subject of what I refer to as “street kid love”,
which is all the love that, due to circumstances, can never be fulfilled and
therefore lingers undefined, not too different from the existence of a street
child. In all our lives there are great loves that have never quite been
allowed to develop either because we were never able to get an opportunity to
start the relationship or because we were not able to admit the feelings to the
other person for various reasons. Everybody knows that love usually doesn’t
wait for you to be in a perfect place in your life before it consumes you and
therefore great relationships tend to overlap with one another, beginning
before another has actually ended. Sometimes one realises how in love they are
with another but to admit it and follow it like a bee to a flower bud would
have devastating consequences for others around, most specifically the current
lover and the current lover of the new enticing love prospect.

The plight of street kids cuts through the
self righteous socially created veneer of most people to the tender heart,
tugging on the humane strings until one is forced to do something or at least
feel something. When humans see children there is something inside that is
touched and makes us sense our nurturing instincts, whether we have or want
children of our own or not. It is just how we are and it would take the most
hardened of humans to not feel this natural feeling. That is why when we see a
street child we are stabbed not only in the heart but also in the collective
subconscious that binds us all since the problem of street children is a
problem of humanity and it is all of our responsibility.

That is why I refer to unrealised love as “street
kid love” because I truly believe that love is the most natural thing, there to
be nurtured without hesitation and it is a collective shame when it is
unrealised, like a stab to the collective heart. It almost seems blasphemous
for one to deny true love because of life’s circumstances, and yet it is the
way that it has to be because love involves more than just two people, more
than individual desires and more than just the redefinition of lives. Anybody
who has ever been in love will know just how powerful it is and anybody who has
ever been in love more than once will know just how unique each love is. And
yet most of us spend most of our lives searching for a one true love and trying
to forget past loves because circumstance dictates it. And at the same time
when we are in relationships we deny the possibilities of further meeting and falling
in love with other partners.

What if we all decided to never let go of the
loves we have experienced and held onto the new ones too so that each of our
lives became a web of love tendrils cast out into the fateful universe
reaching, touching and sharing the most simple and yet powerful feeling? Wouldn’t
it be absolutely freeing to know that one never needed to forget an ex or purge
themselves of the intense feelings they had for somebody who decided to walk out
on them? Wouldn’t it be just divine to know that it is socially accepted to be
in love with more than one person and to acknowledge and live out all those loves?
Wouldn’t we be stronger from sheer complexity if things were this way?  I certainly do not know but I do certainly
wonder in the bizarrely comforting space of solitude about this interesting
aspect of the human condition…


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